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    Blackbird Solutions, Inc. respects the intellectual property of others and complies with all laws, regulations and applicable licenses. The Blackbird Product combines portions of source code covered under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 (MPL) with source code not covered by the terms of the MPL. Mozilla source code can be obtained from mozilla. A copy of the Mozilla Public License may be viewed at the following address http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/MPL-1.1.html. Parts of the code not covered by the MPL are governed by the Blackbird End-User License Agreement http://blackbirdhome.com/terms.html.

    "Blackbird Browser," "The African American Browser," "Blackbird," and the Blackbird Logo are trademarks of Blackbird Solutions, Inc.

    The trademarks of Blackbird Solutions, Inc. may only be used upon permission of Blackbird Solutions, Inc., except that the graphics supplied in the spread.html section of the website may be used on websites of third parties provided they are not used in proximity with content that would be disparaging of Blackbird Solutions, Inc. or its products or is used for commercial gain or in connection with any profane or objectionable content; and provided however that in all cases, if Blackbird Solutions, Inc. contacts any user of the graphics supplied in spread.html and requests that they remove Blackbird Solutions, Inc.'s trademarks and graphics then such user will comply immediately with such request.

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