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    Non-Profit Partners

    A vital part of the Blackbird mission is giving back to charitable and educational organizations that positively impact the African American community. Blackbird is proud to partner with non-profit organizations, both local and national, that have demonstrated their long-term commitment to the African American community and that continue to lead the way toward a vibrant and empowered future. We look forward to supporting our distribution partners through the dissemination of community events and news as well as charitable giving. Blackbird will donate 10% of its 2009 revenue to these non-profit partners.

    If your organization is interested in becoming a Blackbird distribution partner, please email us at info [at] blackbirdhome.com.


    Blackbird recognizes that African American community organizations need and deserve greater visibility on the web. We also know that African Americans are more likely to use the internet for charitable giving than the general population. Blackbird is currently developing a service that will connect Blackbird users directly to African American community organizations. These organizations will be able to highlight upcoming events and ask for donations and volunteers. The Give Back service will be available through the Blackbird Browser.

    If you would like to sign up your non-profit organization for this program, please email us at info [at] blackbirdhome.com.