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For years, 38-year-old La-Sonya Mitchell-Clark of Youngstown, Ohio longed to meet her biological mother after learning of her adoption, according to ABC’s Good Morning America. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 22:19:40 +0000
The father of Jordan Davis, the unarmed teen who was gunned down by Michael Dunn in 2012 over loud music, has advice for the family of South Carolina… View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 21:18:16 +0000
Singer Johnny Kemp, best known for his hit “Just Got Paid,” died Thursday. He was 55-years-old. The details surrounding his death are unknown at this time. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 20:57:51 +0000
During a joint White House press conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi Friday, President Obama addressed the stalled confirmation of U.S. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 20:34:54 +0000
What do an anti-trafficking bill with the Hyde Amendment to prevent federal dollars being spent on abortions and Loretta Lynch have to do with each… View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 19:28:23 +0000
In a sweeping welfare reform measure designed to teach recipients to spend responsibly, Kansas Republican Governor Sam Brownback on Thursday signed a law that bans… View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 19:12:57 +0000
Rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight was hospitalized Thursday after a judge ordered him to stand trial in a fatal hit-and-run case that injured another man… View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 18:30:44 +0000
A major Hyundai supplier in Selma, Ala., has been hit with a temporary restraining order after allegedly threatening workers who spoke out against health and safety conditions at the plant, resulting in the termination of a whistleblower. View
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 07:00:17 +0000
A video viewed by millions shows a white policeman fatally shooting a fleeing, unarmed black man. But it’s not a slam dunk, warns a black lawyers group. There are legal scenarios in which full justice could elude the victim, Walter Scott, and his family. View
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 07:00:02 +0000
The U.S. is not letting the matter of getting Assata Shakur extradited back to the States go gently into that good night, despite being told numerous times that Cuban officials have said that the topic is off the table. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 20:27:00 +0000
Almost two years ago, McDonald’s worker Nancy Salgado was arrested after calling out former McDonald’s USA President Jeff Stratton for the criminally low wages the corporation pays employees. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 16:24:11 +0000
Does “caught on tape” mean a conviction? View
Fri, 10 Apr 2015 21:31:00 +0000
Two white female high school students from Texas emailed letters to classmates and teachers at their school apologizing for a racist song that they recorded, in which they can be heard rapping about lynching “n--gas,” according to Raw Story. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 19:00:00 +0000
Addressing the public for the first time on the Today show, the volunteer deputy who killed Eric Harris in Tulsa, Okla., claimed that it was not his intention to kill the unarmed man and that he is in shock, USA Today reports. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 18:24:00 +0000
"Justice" is the buzzword for this week's episode of Scandal, but the characters had puzzling ways of pursuing it. Here are five surprises from last night's installment. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 17:12:07 +0000
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, white people have another 30 years to enjoy being America's majority race. But come 2045, the white population will make up less than 50 percent of the American population for the first time ever. View
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 04:20:29 +0000
Shonda Rhimes made news this week when she declared she was done discussing the idea of racial diversity on TV, and her fellow Essence magazine cover star Issa Rae understands how Rhimes feels, she said on "The HuffPost Show" on Friday. View
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 02:49:46 +0000
This post is co-authored with Frank Harris III @fharris3 - Associate Professor, Postsecondary Education at San Diego State University; Khalid White @brother_white - Professor, Ethnic Studies and Umoja Program Coordinator at San Jose City College; and Marissa Vasq View
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 01:44:40 +0000
Playwright Arden Kass doesn't just want you to know the statistics regarding school funding disparities in Pennsylvania -- that the state's poorest schools receive 33 percent less in state and local funding per pupil than the richest schools. View
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 01:12:52 +0000
April 20th is upon us once again. To celebrate cannabis culture’s “high-holiday” we had Etch-a-Sketch artist Bryan Madden recreate the iconic image of a puffing future President Barack Obama. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 23:00:32 +0000
Kaylyn Sigman is a high school senior with big plans. A star soccer player from a poor rural Appalachian Ohio community who loves calculus and creative writing, she's college-bound this fall and dreams of becoming a middle school special education teacher. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 21:57:32 +0000
In 2010, when David Wilson became president of Morgan State University, the public, historically Black, institution in Maryland had an alumni giving rate similar to most public HBCUs, and in fact, similar to most public, regional institutions -- 6 percent (Gasman View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 21:57:28 +0000
Trey Songz & Keri Hilson host Gold Room In Atlanta Last night, Trey Songz touched down in ATL and decided to hit up Gold Room for AG Entertainment’s Thursday night party: Tons of Atlanta tastemakers and entertainers joined in the View
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 02:20:34 +0000
Johnny Kemp Dies At Age 55 Sad news. Singer Johnny Kemp, best known for his 1988 party classic “Just Got Paid.” passed away under mysterious circumstances on Friday evening. View
Sat, 18 Apr 2015 00:05:21 +0000
Future Covers Flaunt Magazine #FutureHive rejoice — Nayvadius is out here “fawking up commas” and snatching magazine covers. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 23:35:19 +0000
Kylie Jenner Rocks A Bikini On Instagram Much like her older siblings, Kylie Jenner is no stranger to showing social media what she’s working with. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 22:51:56 +0000
YouTube Web Series Makes History As First Full Black Cast UK Television Comedy What started as a YouTube web series back in 2012 has now evolved into a history making comedy in the UK. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 20:54:13 +0000
This pretty young lady hasn’t enjoyed much success in the music industry, but she’s consistently found a way to stay relevant for more than decade. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 20:26:21 +0000
Gearing up for what is sure to be a long presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton named three policy advisers, including the sister of California attorney general and Senate hopeful Kamala Harris. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 21:16:31 +0000
The Devil doesn’t wear Prada. He wears ski masks.How else can you explain all the devilish acts men wearing ski masks committed on Scandal Thursday night? View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 15:30:54 +0000
We've heard it for years, but it still needs to be said. Nobody is perfect, and it's about time that we start listening. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 15:26:22 +0000
Considered by many critics—this one included—as one of the world’s most important living writers—Toni Morrison’s impressive body of work has mesmerized and challenged readers for more than four decades. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 14:54:26 +0000
[BRIGHTCOVE-ID:4178127540001]One of the world’s greatest living writers has published her eleventh novel, God Help the Child (Knopf, $24.95). View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 14:03:11 +0000
You've seen celebrity clinical psychologist Dr. Sherry Blake, author of The Single Married Woman: True Stories of Why Women Feel All Alone in Their Marriages, keep the Braxton sisters calm on the hit show Braxton Family Values. View
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 13:27:12 +0000
One of the greatest parts about going to ESSENCE Fest is the opportunity all of our guests have to give back to or get involved with various kinds of valued organizations, founded in the New Orleans community. View
Thu, 16 Apr 2015 23:02:31 +0000
Deputy Social Secretary Deesha Dyer is moving up at the White House. Earlier today, it was announced that Dyer would be promoted to social secretary, where she will work closely with the First Lady to coordinate presidential events. View
Thu, 16 Apr 2015 20:54:12 +0000